Have you ever felt lost? That brand of aloneness creeps up from the path and into you in a way that brings you back to yourself. I am looking for those spaces where in loosing something—something else is gained. These moments of realization are gifts of awakeness. We carry them within until they too fade away. Nothing is permanent.This work, Notes on Loss, was a direct result of these thoughts at a time of mourning. The silence that follows loss is the harbinger of new life. It was in this space that I became enveloped in the idea of thin places and with them the way in which the sacred, which is so intangible, can be stumbled upon in nondescript spaces and minute gestures.We have these moments of connection: with a stranger, with a place that takes you in in that moment and cradles you until everything falls away and all you have is what the sunlight feels like on your face after days of endless clouds. In those moments we are present. It is as if some partition cracks, and even if for only a moment, we are able to feel what it is like to be present here.